Monday, October 20, 2008

10/20/08 Giant's Thumb & Artists at The Trailhead

Did you see yesterday’s sunset in Sedona? Spectacular with three !!!, folks. October sunsets in Sedona are some of the best of the year. The red rocks visible from uptown -- Giant’s thumb particularly -- literally glowed yesterday around 5 PM. A number of controlled burns in northern Arizona have put a slight haze in the sky. Although this can frustrate photographers in search of crisp, blue skies, the haze contributes to bizarre and interesting sunsets. Yesterday’s colors on and around Giant’s Thumb: Think of Giant’s thumb as a thick paint brush freshly dipped in cadmium orange; think of the sky as a saucer of water; someone dips the brush into the water, and now the colors are swirling outward on ripples. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me, so you’ll have to employ your imagination. (The pics shown are actually Upper Bell Rock and a sunset Uptown from last year. Sorry.)

This week is Sedona’s 4th Annual Plein Air Festival. The weeklong festival, sponsored by L’Auberge de Sedona, brings 30 of America’s best plein air painters to Sedona. These artists set up their easels around town -- trail heads, sidewalks, wherever -- and paint “the immediacy of the moment … reflecting the excitement of the changing light, weather conditions and deepening shadows …” When you put it that way, it sounds pretty exciting. If you’re in town this week, you’ll likely see some works in progress. Click here for a list of scheduled events.

Store Stuff: Speaking of artists, Sedona Green Gallery & Gifts has added several new, emerging artists this month. Drop by and check out Brent Monger’s large-format photographs. Brent specializes in images of Sedona’s Monsoon skies, and he has captured some once-in-a-lifetime dramatic moments above the red rocks. Local photographer, Tom Kelly, whose work is notable for it’s high contrast and light/dark juxtapositions, has also added to his collection of Sedona images. Additionally, Sedona Green favorite, Kim Hoshal, has added perhaps the best photograph of Bell Rock I’ve ever seen to her collection. While you’re here, check out Roger Brunner’s hand-painted Arizona gourds. Try on Jennifer Marshall’s active-wear jewelry, designed to stretch with you during your yoga workout. And, yep, I’ve now put out Sharon Herman’s handmade scarves, knit caps and crochet belts. Also: new, handmade wind chimes by Dennis Mead, locally famous for his whimsical, recycled art. And more original watercolors by Jennifer Valencia (priced under $200!).

On a political note: I made a sale to a national political figure this past week. And, no it wasn’t Obama or McCain. No, not Palin. Uh, no, not Biden either. Yeah, it’s not so exciting now that you know who it wasn’t. Think Third Party.

Still haven’t decided on my Halloween plans. A lot of goings-on in Sedona for the holiday, most of which involve costumes. If I dress up for any of these events, I’ll just throw on my Civil War reenactment clothes and accoutrements. It’s been close to three years since I’ve participated in a reenactment, so it’ll be fun to see if I remember over which shoulder to hang the cartridge box, on which hip bone the cap box sits ….

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foxthepoet said...

I didn't know newspapers were printed in color in 1863.
You should come to Yin Yang & Zen Some's Halloween show at Szechuan. Come dressed as a Civil War soldier and you're certain to be in the running for the costume contest.